Past Recipients

2016 Grant Recipients:

1 Million 4 Anna – $10k Bridge Breast Network – $20k Clayton Dabney - $20k First Descents – $15k Hope Lodge Dallas – Baylor Healthcare System & American Cancer Society – $10k Leukemia Texas – $25k Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center – $25k Medical City – Camp iHope – $55k

2015 Grant Recipients:

Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center – $70k Fort Worth Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Coalition – $35k Medical City – Camp iHope – $75k 1 Million 4 Anna – $30k Hope Lodge Dallas – Baylor Healthcare System & American Cancer Society – $50k Asian Breast Health Outreach – $50k Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer – $20k

2014 Grant Recipients:

UTSW Simmons (Prostate Cancer Research) – $25k Leukemia Texas (Patient Aid Program) – $25k Medical City (Camp iHope) – $35k 1Million4Anna (Anna's Closet) – $10k Breast Bridge Network – $28k Parkland Foundation (increased screening/clinical hours support) – $34k

2013 Grant Recipients:

Mary Crowley (Benevolence Program – $40k Dr. Bachoo (UTSW, Brain Cancer Study) – $40k Dr. Witkiewicz (UTSW, Triple negative breast cancer study) – $28k Medical City (Camp iHope) – $30k Asian Breast Health Outreach – $28k 1Million4Anna – $10k Children’s Medical Center (pre-parade) – $15k Cancer Care (Fort Worth) – $11k

2012 Grant Recipients:

Mary Crowley (personalized vaccine treatment) – $50k Cvekto Center (Baylor, Psycho-oncology program) – $40k Dr. Skapek (UTSW, pediatric cancer treatment efficiency) – $50k Parkland Foundation (increased screening/clinical hours support) – $50k Foremankind (Male prostate/testicular cancer support) – $5k

2011 Grant Recipients:

Medical City (Camp Hope) – $50k Children’s Medical Center – $40k Asian Breast Health – $30k Dr. Roshni Rao (UTSW, Triple negative Breast Cancer research study) – $30k Cancer Care Services – $10k Cvetko Center (Baylor, Psycho-oncology program) – $10k

2010 Grant Recipients:

Mary Crowley (Benevolence Program)- $30K Breast Bridge Network- $25K Cancer Support Community- $10K Leukemia & Lymphoma Society- $500 Clayton Dabney- $30K

2009 Grant Recipients:

Annette G Strauss Center (UTSW) – $20k Wipe Out Kids Cancer – $20k

2008 Grant Recipient:

Heroes for Children- $20K
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