Loves Cures All


In partnership with Love Cures All & Windsor Communities, this event raises money for YTAC's breast cancer grant. All of the funds raised during this fun event which ranges from a date auction to a party with silent auction goes directly to YTAC's beneficiaries that have an association with breast cancer.

Founded in 2004

Love Cures All was founded in 2004 by Emily Crouch and Mindi Kissling with a goal of raising money for breast cancer treatment and research. After participating in a 3-day breast cancer walk from Baltimore to Washington D.C. in May 2002 they were truly inspired to make a difference. They decided to capitalize on the popularity of ABC’s Bachelor and Bachelorette programs for a good cause. For over a decade, Emily and Mindi have been fortunate to work for property management companies that have supported their vision of Love Cures All. Both are employed by Windsor Communities; Emily as a Project Manager in Washington, D.C. and Mindi as the Southeast Regional Marketing Director in Dallas, TX. Love Cures All events have utilized many avenues to raise funds including t-shirt sales, silent auctions for goods donated by local merchants, corporate sponsorships and, of course, a bachelor/bachelorette date auction.  
THANKS to our YTAC Sponsors Who Support All Our Events!